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UNC Parking Services

University of Northern Colorado parking rules and regulations are enforced year round. Signs posted at parking lot entrances indicate hours of enforcement and types of permit required for parking in that lot. UNC's Parking lots require a permit 8 a.m.-5 p.m., Monday-Friday. Service spaces, ADA spaces and fire lanes are enforced 24/7.

2023 - 2024 Parking Permits Available Aug. 1

Parking Updates

Fall Semester Permits Expired

All Fall semester permits expired Dec 2023. If you purchased a Fall permit and are still parking on campus you'll need to purchase an annual permit. All annual permits are prorated throughout the year so you won't be paying the full year price. Contact our office with any questions.

Parking Kiosks No Longer Available For Temporary Parking 

The parking kiosks located in parking lots are no longer available. We've fully transitioned to the Passport parking app for temporary parking payment. If you have questions please contact our office. 

Pay for Temporary Parking Via Mobile App

Students, faculty and staff can now pay for temporary parking in lots across campus via a mobile parking app called Passport. In order to do so, drivers will need to download the app, enter the zone they're parked in along with their license plate and pay via credit card.

Learn More About Temporary Parking